Transforming Transportation: Asset Management

Managing our Assets for Better Long-Term Health and Performance

With today's limited or decreased funding conditions, developing and maintaining our nation's transportation infrastructure requires a new approach—one focused on maximizing system performance while minimizing long-term costs.

In our series on Transforming Transportation, Butch Eley, president of HDR | ICA, explores how asset management can help us get more from our existing assets. 

02 - Doing More with What We've Got
By Howard "Butch" Eley

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Transportation Asset Management, HDR

This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin is particularly applicable today when it comes to our nation's infrastructure. Unfortunately, we have not made the necessary investments in our public infrastructure, and now many of our roads and bridges are deteriorating. Perhaps no one knows this better than our state departments of transportation who, without the security of a long-term transportation bill, are unable to execute a long-term strategy to meet the mobility needs our country demands. 

It's clear that we can no longer plan our transportation networks based on what does (or doesn't) happen in Washington D.C. Read more ...

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Art + Science of Infrastructure Asset Management

Asset Management Infographic, HDR

​Limited or decreased funding is driving a change in the way we develop and manage infrastructure. The focus is no longer to simply create new and additional capacity but to also maximize the functionality of existing assets. True asset management is part art, part science.

In our Art + Science of Infrastructure Asset Management infographic, we explain how a continuous inventory-driven, performance-based process drives effective investment decisions and implementation strategies.

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