Transforming Transportation: Asset Management Implementation

A Series on How to Lead Through Change

Ready or not, change is coming. Nowhere is that more evident than the transportation industry. Our Transforming Transportation series brings insight on how to respond to the topics, trends and requirements that are driving change.

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Below, you'll find an asset management self-assessment and white paper full of strategies to help you transition from planning to implementation.

06 - Take the Asset Management Challenge

Identify opportunities to improve your agency's asset management practices by downloading and completing the scorecard. How you rate yourself will help you determine areas where you are excelling and where you can enhance your efforts. Take the next step in your asset management journey today.

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Beyond Transportation Asset Management Planning: Strategies to Start Implementing Today

By Joe Guerre, PE, Transportation Planning Program Manager & Butch Eley, President HDR|ICA 


When MAP-21 became law in 2012, agencies were required to formalize their asset management process. The FAST Act of 2015 continues the focus. Today, the majority of State DOTs have official Transportation Asset Management Plans, or TAMPs. This white paper offers 15 strategies and a scorecard to help agencies either begin implementation immediately or take their efforts to the next level in five key DOT functional areas where money is already being spent.

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