Transforming Transportation​: Autonomous & Connected Vehicles

A Series on How to Prepare for Momentous Change in the Transportation Industry

Ready or not, change is coming. Nowhere is that more evident than the transportation industry. Our new Transforming Transportation series brings insight on how to respond to the topics, trends and requirements that are driving change.

Part 1 in the series challenges us to change how we think about infrastructure, and offers a new approach. In Part 2, we explore how asset management can help us get more from our existing assets and better inform future investment decisions. Below, you'll find a link to Part 3, a free white paper that educates us about autonomous and connected vehicle innovations.

03 – Autonomous & Connected Vehicles: Preparing for the Future of Surface Transportation

Future of Surface Transportation

What was once considered "futuristic" technology seen only in movies is now challenging the traditional standards for transportation safety, mobility and the environment, similar to how the automobile has revolutionized transportation.

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) and Connected Vehicle (CV) initiatives are becoming more prominent and we are seeing innovative tech-safety features from the automotive industry. Technology companies (e.g., Google Car) and savvy government agencies are also partnering to further drive change. Over the past 15-20 years, expectations for advanced transportation options have expanded and it is critical that today's transportation decision makers be well positioned for the next stage of opportunities.