Transforming Transportation: Life Cycle Asset Management in 3-D

A Series on How to Prepare for Momentous Change in the Transportation Industry

Ready or not, change is coming. Nowhere is that more evident than the transportation industry. Our new Transforming Transportation series brings insight on how to respond to the topics, trends and requirements that are driving change.

Part 1 in the series challenges us to change how we think about infrastructure, and offers a new approach. In Part 2, we explore how asset management can help us get more from our existing assets and better inform future investment decisions. A free white paper that educates about autonomous and connected vehicle innovations makes up Part 3 of the series.

Below is an introduction to Part 4, our custom BIM solution blog, where we show you project and life cycle asset management in 3-D. It's a new tool that was developed while working on the New NY Bridge (Tappan Zee replacement project).

04 – Intelligent Infrastructure: Improving Project and Life Cycle Management—in 3-D 

Future of Surface Transportation

By Robert Allen, PE and Kenneth Coulter

Whether you call it BIM, CIM or BrIM, we've used it to create a new, ultra-responsive tool that gives you a user-friendly way to plan, design, build and manage transportation infrastructure assets for the long run. Discover how we combined state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) with cutting-edge computer gaming technology to create a first-of-its-kind solution that makes even the most complex BIM models agile and easy to use. Information is available quickly and seamlessly, in the office or in the field. Making informed decisions about future asset maintenance and optimization has never been easier.