Organics Waste Management

Heartland Biogas, LLC Anaerobic Digester Facility EPC
Heartland Biogas Facility | Weld County, CO, US
Gills Onions Advanced Energy Recovery System | Oxnard, CA, US
Gills Onions Advanced Energy Recovery System | Oxnard, CA, US
A biogas system that's energy self-sufficient and 100 percent privately financed
Village of Ridgewood Biogas Recovery System | New Jersey, US
Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study | Davis, CO, US

Managing Waste as a Resource

It's not just semantics. It's an inherent shift in how we see and manage organic waste. It's the future. And we're partnering with our clients to revolutionize the marketplace with breakthrough technologies and processes. Examples of this are projects like Gills Onion Advanced Energy Recovery System that uses onion waste to produce power and cattle feed—and the Heartland Biogas Facility that will transform organic waste into renewable energy and compost.

We understand the possibilities and constraints of implementing a wide array of organics management systems. So, whether you need simple, low cost solutions like composting or more robust processes like anaerobic digestion that transforms organic materials into biogas and other forms of energy, we'll partner with you to identify the best option and make it a reality.