Planning & Program Development

Solid Waste Master Planning, Miami-Dade Dept. of Solid Waste Mgmt. | Florida, US
Solid Waste Master Planning, Miami-Dade Dept. of SWM | Florida, US
Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan | Los Angeles, CA, US
Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan | Los Angeles, CA, US

Integrated planning leads to better results. A comprehensive, implementable plan is essential to effectively manage your solid waste resources. Changes in demographics, aging infrastructure, materials, energy costs and limited budgets can influence plans. A shift in focus to sustainability also contributes to the need for communities to develop new plans for managing waste resources. Our integrated planning approach provides clients with plans tailored to the unique variables and needs of each community.

Our planning process stems from a framework of cooperation and collaboration with our clients and the key stakeholders. While our team can provide new ideas and solutions based on our industry experience, we understand that our clients' knowledge and insight on solid waste management systems is necessary to craft the best plan and path forward. Consequently, one of our most important roles is to listen to your issues and needs, receive and synthesize your feedback, share our experiences, and then jointly strategize the best solutions.

As a part of our planning and program development services, we can also help gain stakeholder and community acceptance through our public involvement experts. We develop a customized approach to every public involvement program, offering a unique mix of strategies and tactics tailored to your community, your environment and any hot button issues that may be associated with your project. We help you proactively manage expectations to advance public opinion toward consensus, project support and acceptance, ultimately saving project time and budget.