Drinking Water Delivery Methods

West Basin Municipal Water District | Carson, CA, US

Design-build project delivery bundles design and construction services into a sole-source contract. When this is possible, we believe projects are simpler, smarter and done with efficiency and integrity.

Efficiency comes from working well together. When owners and clients work with designers and contractors, the design, estimating, permitting and construction occur at the same time. We believe it has the additional role of partner, so we work with you to mobilize our experts – in planning, procurement, estimating, financing, project controls and construction, among others – for quick completion of quality projects. Our goal is that even if the project timeframe is short, the relationship is long-lasting.

Our design-build teams plan schedules earlier, keeping details transparent and budgets in line. Problems surface sooner, so if there are ways to cut costs, we have time to make creativity work. Change orders are less likely, and when schedules are shorter, owners, clients and investors see earlier returns.

Generally, design-build teams are motivated to succeed because sole-source contracts give sole responsibility. When HDR – as a principal or part of a team – accepts risk, we guarantee prices, schedules and quality. This accountability was the soul of the hallowed master builder system behind most pre-modern projects. We still honor this traditional accountability with teams that lead design and are there with you through construction.

Design-builders need resources to marshal teams and finish construction. With so many requirements and so much on the line, integrity is essential as is the belief that quality can't suffer shortcuts. We have a history of delivering successful projects. We are responsive to new technology and regard the concept of sustainability as a guiding principle long before our competitors.

Services include:

  • Construction
  • Construction Management at Cost Controls
  • Design
  • Estimating
  • General Design-Build Delivery
  • Procurement
  • Project Controls
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control: Construction
  • Quality Control: Design Risk (CM@Risk)
  • Safety
  • Scheduling
  • Value Engineering