Water Master Plans

Integrated Regional Water Supply Plan | Sarasota, Florida, US

Every water agency wants to plan their capital improvements and operate their facilities in the most efficient way possible to serve their customers. A proven approach to aid in the development and operation of the facilities is to develop a Master Plan for a 20 to 50 year planning horizon. We specializes in helping utilities develop "living" planning documents that provide guidance for future growth and infrastructure replacements. We have proven tools including hydraulic and water quality models to optimize system operations and maintain water quality. We have developed special spreadsheet models that enable the client to annually adjust the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to changing growth patterns or water demands. We have operations specialists who review and provide guidance on energy use. Our engineers prepare cost estimates that are then taken by the financial experts to project the future rates and identify the optimum mix of revenue sources. These documents are prepared in close cooperation with our clients and help them operate in the most efficient mode possible.