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Legacy of Manganese Accumulation in Water Systems

Manganese (Mn) that slowly builds up inside a water pipe is called "legacy Mn." Legacy Mn can threaten public health if mobilized and released into tap water. Through Project #4314, our Water Institute assisted the Water Research Foundation design best practices for utilities to proactively minimize accumulation and reduce potential release episodes.

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About Our Water Institute

Three in-house laboratories, various mobile testing capabilities and over 50 technical experts passionate about research create the foundation of our Water Institute. The other layers involve you: utility clients, research organizations, equipment vendors and universities.

Together, we tackle water supply and treatment challenges spurred by water availability, financial pressures, regulatory drivers, and the desire to protect public health.

Our In-House Testing Facilities 

We are committed to providing the resources needed — human labor, technical expertise, equipment and facility space — to support the discovery, development and application of innovative solutions.

  • Applied Research and Engineering Center (AREC) | Claremont, CA
  • Environmental Measurements Operations Center (EMOC) | Nanuet, NY
  • Technology Validation Center (Technology Center) | Johnstown, NY

Project Experience

We support independent and collaborative research studies for numerous municipal, government and professional organizations (USEPA, WRF, and WE&RF), as well as industrial foundations, universities and utility research partners.

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