Utility Management

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Today's marketplace, system growth, and regulatory requirements are placing unprecedented strain on public sector managers. Utilities are being asked to deliver more efficient and cost effective services without increasing rates. Operating budgets are shrinking while demand for service is rising, constituents are demanding a more transparent government, and changes in the political climate can have a significant impact on the direction of utility policy.

Our utility management team has helped utilities across the country by finding new ways to streamline business processes, apply cutting edge technology to improve performance and balance new operating challenges with available funding. Our approach is designed to leverage constituent support in designing long-term business strategy to ensure a utility's ability to provide superior service today and twenty years down the road.

Utility Asset Management and Operations
Many utilities are now facing the challenges associated with aging infrastructure including unexpected system failures, more frequent service disruptions, and increasing costs. These challenges are often compounded by stagnant or decreasing revenues due to water conservation and funding cuts. Traditional engineering solutions focused on the planning and construction of new system capacity will not address these service and operating issues.

To support our clients as they manage these challenges, HDR offers a wide range of Asset Management and Operations Services. We can help you develop structured asset management and operations strategies that will identify, justify, and outline cost-effective maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement programs. Our unique, pragmatic approach focuses on each client's needs and circumstances. Our goal is to design and deliver practical programs that provide increasing service levels while controlling the cost of asset ownership.

Utility Financial, Rate, Economic Services
At the core of nearly all utility issues, whether capital project planning, construction, operations or maintenance, is the ability to plan and secure timely funding to support current and future system needs properly. With the focus now on "local" funding sources, it is imperative that utilities assess their own financial condition and funding resources to meet their capital infrastructure requirements over the long-term.

We are a nationally recognized for its excellence in financial planning and rate setting for public utilities. Our understanding of financing options and rate designs tailored to accomplish client-specific objectives can help clients change financing strategies to meet the demands of system growth, aging infrastructure, or technology upgrades.

Utility Master Planning and Modeling
All successful programs begin with a well developed plan. This is especially true where growth pressures, regulatory changes and tight budgets demand accurate projections as the basis for system expansion. Utilities are facing competing demands to replace and rehabilitate older parts of their systems while expanding services to new growth areas. This becomes a juggling act that requires a reliable, long-range vision supported by a current and comprehensive master plan.

With hundreds of master planning and modeling projects completed successfully, we have the experience necessary to assure a sound plan that will stand the test of time.