Water Quality & Regulatory Compliance

Mary Lake Water Treatment Plant, Town of Estes Park | Estes Park, Colorado, US

We have experts in water quality and engineering to help water utilities ensure that the water supply is not only safe but in compliance with the myriad of federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. Our professionals have the detailed knowledge to help utility customers understand water characterization, treatment, and distribution systems. We help our customers comply with all rules and regulations by anticipating the impacts that change to one aspect of treatment can have on other aspects of a water system. In addition, we understand the importance of piloting in order to optimize the treatment process during the pre-design phase of the project.

We participates in many national water quality research projects for the Water Research Foundation in collaboration with member utilities and university research departments. Our own Advanced Research and Technology Center in Redmond, Washington, provides laboratory facilities for independent and collaborative water quality research through sampling, analysis, and pilot testing.