Well Fields

Platte West Water Production Facility, MUD | Omaha, NE, US

As society has become more aware of the finite nature of available groundwater, the development and management of groundwater supply sources has evolved from one of exploiting a commodity to one of managing a resource. Reflecting this change, the design and development of water supply wells and well fields has become an increasingly sophisticated process that now regularly includes water rights acquisitions, state and federal permitting, extensive exploration and testing, and groundwater flow modeling. Our team of engineers, hydrologists, and hydrogeologists possess the national expertise and local knowledge to assist you with issues related to your groundwater source of supply. We have developed well fields with as many as 42 production well pumps operating simultaneously with a combined flow of over 100 mgd.

Planning Phase Services

  • Water rights
  • Aquifer yield investigations
  • Well and well field siting studies
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction studies
  • Aquifer storage and recovery studies
  • River bank filtration studies
  • Groundwater modeling

Construction Phase Services

  • Well field design
  • Vertical, angle, and horizontal collector well designs
  • Submersible or vertical turbine pump systems
  • Well house or pitless adaptor completions

Operation and Maintenance Phase Services

  • Well field existing condition evaluations
  • Well field expansion studies
  • Optimization modeling
  • Well maintenance plans
  • Troubleshooting