Coastal Engineering and Restoration

Powderhorn Lake Marsh Restoration | Texas, US

The coastal zone presents a dynamic environment where the essential activities of commerce and lifestyle come together. After centuries of development, coastal regions face especially challenging conditions. Addressing increases in coastal erosion, the impacts of severe weather events and climate change, and the ever-increasing population shift to waterfront centers requires focused and well planned coastal systems.

We offer integrated and comprehensive coastal engineering services. We have the expertise that you need to create sustainable and resilient coastal systems that protect lives, property and the natural environment from the impacts of wind, waves and weather.

Focus Areas

  • Beach and Dune Nourishment/Restoration
  • Coastal Structure Design (breakwaters, jetties, groins, revetments)
  • Dredging and Navigation
  • Coastal Ecosystem Restoration
  • Sediment Transport and Shoreline Change Assessments
  • Flood Protection
  • Scour Analyses

The challenging environment of a coastal zone demands specialized science and engineering services. Our technical expertise extends to all coastal regions of the United States. We have restored shoreline ecosystems along the Gulf of Mexico, designed channel navigation enhancements in New York Harbor, and designed harbor structures along the Pacific coastline and Bering Sea. Our experience also includes international locations with projects in Latin America, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.