Fisheries Assessments

Yuba-Bear and Drum-Spaulding Hydroelectric Project Relicensings

Our scientists prepare assessments of fisheries that provide practical and cost-effective ways to evaluate and mitigate potential adverse impacts on fisheries resources, aquatic organisms and associated habitats.

HDR services in the field:

  • Baseline studies and fish population monitoring
  • Fish passage evaluations
  • Entrainment and impingement sampling
  • Habitat assessments and river hydrology
  • Instream flow studies (IFIM & Delphi methods)
  • Aquatic community characterization
  • Environmental Measurements Laboratory (fish and invertebrate taxonomy, water quality, sampling gear fabrication)

HDR analytics:

  • Environmental assessments (EA) and environmental impact statements (EIS)
  • Endangered species act (ESA section 7 & 10), biological assessments
  • Essential fish habitat (EFH) consultation
  • Hydropower fisheries support
  • Cooling water intake and discharge evaluations and permitting (CWA §316)
  • Fish population, community and surface water modeling
  • Impact analysis for dredging and construction
  • Permit procurement (federal, state and local)