Integrated Regional and Utility Water Planning

Integrated Water Resources Plan, San Benito County Water Dist. | Hollister, CA

Having adequate and wholesome water to meet the diverse uses for today and generations to come is complicated, but achievable. The primary challenges are to balance the competing uses of a finite resource with the interwoven necessities of sustainability, and to select a pathway for implementing solutions that best reflect the social, environmental, and economic values of your communities. We take pride in working closely together with our clients to develop sustainable solutions that embrace effective stewardship of our water resources.

To achieve this, we offer an integrated water planning team of proven experts that provide a comprehensive suite of technical, financial, and managerial disciplines that bring answers and strategies at a regional, watershed, or local level. We bring the skills required to collaboratively define clear planning criteria, effectively incorporate regulatory and political drivers, achieve resource quantity and quality goals, analyze ecosystem and infrastructure system impacts, examine operational limitations and efficiencies, evaluate funding strategies and rate implications, and ensure sustainable solutions.

Services include:

  • Flow & Demand Forecasting, Management & Conservation
  • Climate Change & Regulatory Impacts
  • Water Supply & Augmentation
  • Integrated & Master Planning
  • Water Treatment, Reuse & Effluent Management
  • System & Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Rights
  • Financial Strategies & Equitable Rates