Operations Support

St. Helens Water Treatment Facility, City of St. Helens | St. Helens, OR, US

Operating an effective and efficient treatment system is an art. Water and wastewater facilities are becoming increasingly complex due to advances in technology coupled with changing water qualities, aging infrastructure, and system growth pressures. Today's designs incorporate sophisticated programmable logic controllers (PLCs), SCADA computers, variable frequency drives, analytical instruments and other complex control and monitoring systems.

Our operations specialists are accomplished in the design and implementation of these complex systems. This expertise can add value throughout the life of your project. During the project planning phase, we assist in the condition assessment of existing facilities and work with your staff to identify equipment and process issues.

During design, our engineers will work closely with you to:

  • Evaluate reliability, redundancy, ease of operation, and life cycle costs of process and equipment alternatives
  • Perform operability reviews of preliminary designs, assist with the development of P&IDs
  • Write process control strategies that are operator friendly, meaningful and useful

Then during the construction phase, we help:

  • coordinate manufacturer's field services
  • review and approve vendor supplied equipment O&M manuals
  • develop and provide operator training
  • assist with component and system testing and commissioning.

Our professionals also can prepare detailed startup plans, schedules and procedures, and facility electronic O&M manuals, and as well as assist your staff with post-startup warranty resolution and with process optimization.

We bring the operator's perspective to the design, construction and commissioning of the facility and continually strive to scrutinize designs with long-term ownership and operational flexibility in mind.