Real Estate

Western Regional Conveyance Tunnel/Western Regional Collection System | KY, US

Effective real estate and right-of-way services are critical for water projects. Our real estate specialists have exceptional backgrounds working with small and large water, wastewater and water planning projects for states, counties, municipalities and public agencies. We are able to understand and assist with complex property issues related to water and wastewater treatment projects as well as surface and tunnel conveyance systems. Property impact input is valuable to the project from the earliest planning stages through completion. We can provide oversight for the siting and acquisition process which facilitates project decisions and delivery. Our alignment analysis and oversight experience and use of the unique Right-of-Way Management System provide clear project benefits.


  • Site selection, planning, utilization
  • Real estate cost estimating and preliminary funding
  • NEPA/SEPA documentation

Project Management/Administration

  • Scheduling and tracking
  • Acquisition databases
  • Parcel information systems
  • Consultant coordination
  • Appraisal management
  • Appraisal review

Negotiation for Residential, Commercial, Industrial Property

  • Offer preparation and presentation
  • Fee, easement, temporary easement acquisitions
  • Negotiator diary maintenance
  • Negotiation management


  • Relocation plans
  • Statutory notices
  • Technical relocation assistance
  • Benefits calculation
  • Housing search coordination
  • Move facilitation and cost reimbursement

Federal Compliance and Certification

  • Property investigations
  • Certification assistance
  • Regulatory compliance