Stormwater Management

Historic Fourth Ward Park |Atlanta, Georgia

Stormwater management has evolved from a problem of quantity and how to "get rid of it," into a regulated resource subject to Clean Water Act protections and regulations. Converting existing "drainage systems" into functioning storm water management systems that comply with regulations and preserve stormwater as a valuable resource requires a comprehensive team of planning, hydrologic, hydraulic and civil engineers.

With regulatory experts, hydrologists and stormwater management professionals in offices from coast to coast, we can provide you with locally-based planning, preliminary engineering and design services backed by nationally recognized experts. Our technical expertise serve diverse areas, from coastal plains to mountainous terrain, major metropolitan areas to agricultural watersheds, and existing drainage networks to developing suburban areas. Our clients know they will get a balanced approach to solve their toughest flooding, financing, water quality and NPDES regulatory problems. We are your strong partner in managing your stormwater management systems.