Sustainable Solutions

West Basin Municipal Water District | Carson, CA, US

Water is our most precious resource. It forms our terrain, regulates our climate (water vapor is the principal greenhouse gas), and is essential for life. We use it everywhere; to irrigate our crops, generate electricity (yes, even from fossil fuels), manufacture our consumable products, refine fuels, provide ecosystem benefits, and of course use in our homes. Virtually everything has a water footprint. There is no shortage of water worldwide but it is distributed unevenly, which causes significant ecosystem stress as man exerts ever increasing demands on water resources. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving a more sustainable world as it relates to achieving an integrated water supply, reducing waste material that is returned to the environment, and reducing impacts of water related activities. Our multi-disciplinary approach delivers projects that achieve the sustainable objectives for today, tomorrow, and the future. Water resource management is the art of balancing the multiple (and often competing) ways that people want to use water. That is why we approach water resource management with a deceptively simple question: How can water be managed to meet multiple environmental, economic, and social objectives over the next 50 years?