Earth Day is Every Day

We believe that Earth Day is the day we celebrate the sustainability and environmental efforts that we do all year long. And we appreciate the opportunity to join with others and focus on one special day each year: Earth Day, April 22.

We invite our clients, employees, families, friends and anyone else who is interested to join our conversations.

Sustainable Business Practices

Earth Day is Every Day ... that's what we say, and we want to be sure it is what we do. That is why we've had a group focused on sustainability for more than 20 years. As HDR continues to integrate sustainable business practices into our internal operations and the projects we deliver to clients, we examine our day-to-day activities to determine where we can make business improvements that deliver long-term sustainable value. We set measurable goals and assess the results to see how we should move forward. In 2016 we had many successes in our Sustainable Business Practices.

View some of those successes in this infographic.

Greening our Communities

Greening our Communities is in its third year in 2017. The Office of Sustainability and Environmental Sciences and Planning have again encouraged all employees to get involved with Greening our Communities by hosting or participating in a clean-up or planting volunteer event. In April and May 2016, more than 50 offices participated in 56 events across the country — from park, waterway and road clean-ups to garden and tree planting and rebuilding houses. 2016 Activities

To commemorate our 100-year anniversary, we hope to have 100 offices participate this year!

Green Teams

HDR has more than 60 active Green Teams across the company, made up of motivated employees from all professional backgrounds who are passionate about sustainability and dedicated to building a culture of sustainability in their offices. These individuals help build a culture of sustainability in our offices by promoting sustainability through office improvements, education and events and working towards our GHG emission reduction target. Since 2014 the Green Teams have been implementing our Green Team Smart Solutions Project (GTSSP), which consists of a collection of goals organized by category and Scope 2 or 3 emissions reductions. The GTSSP goals are intended to bring a baseline of sustainability to all our offices and also serve as a springboard for new, creative ideas.

Green Teams are essential in implementing our waste reduction efforts. In 2016, more than 110 offices completed a Waste Reduction and Recycling plan. In 2017, Green Teams are spearheading our Printing Reduction Challenge – a nine-month challenge intended to raise awareness of how much we print and show that simple actions can reduce printing and print waste.

Our Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Target

We have set a target to reduce GHG emission levels 20 percent by 2020 from our 2011 baseline, adjusted for growth. Our emissions reductions from 2011-2015 were nearly 3.0 percent.

We are working to achieve this reduction through targeted initiatives (some resulting in cost savings) in our company operations and improved sustainable business practices, as well as educational and awareness initiatives. Some recently implemented strategies include:

  • Issuing a company-wide Waste Prevention and Recycling Standard as part of our companywide Sustainability Policies, with the goal of overall waste reduction, as well as reducing the amount and type of waste that goes to landfills.
  • Completing a materiality assessment and using that to inform our 2016 Sustainability + Corporate Responsibility.
  • Continuing to work with venues for our large conferences to introduce composting, promote reuse and enhance recycling efforts.
  • Working with our Real Estate Department to ensure office fit-outs and renovations identify energy efficiency opportunities and implement the best solutions.