450 Regency

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

450 Regency is the first project in HDR's new pilot program in sustainability that emphasizes the re-use of modern contemporary buildings. Inspired by Cradle to Cradle Design (C2C Design), the program updated and reused an existing building, helping to extend its lifespan.

The building was originally designed for IBM in 1983 and has seen three major tenants over its 27-year life span. The building was designed in a very modular fashion adhering to a repeated module of 2-to-1 that was expressed in the windows, cladding materials and vertical structural bays. The redesign solution simply looked to continue the modular nature of the building by extruding and/or subtracting these elements.  For example, exterior stone panels (each representing one module) on the east, west and south façades were subtracted and windows were added to increase natural daylight in the office space. 

The use of extrusion as a method of modulation is employed in the atrium where the faces of the vertical structural bays are extruded, randomly pushing conference room elements into the central volume of the building. The interior is contrasted by warm wood accents that wrap the interior of these pods and the ceiling planes of the lobby. The elevator banks for each floor and the main parking deck entry are identified with the work of award winning National Geographic Photographer (and Nebraska native) Joel Satore. The north entry is redefined by a modulated steel and glass screen and canopy that prominently displays the building's address and becomes an illuminated billboard that can be seen from the adjacent highway.

  • Sustainable Features: Building Reuse, Daylighting & Views
  • Type of Construction: Renovation
  • Size: 110,700 SF
  • Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design
  • Project Components: Lobby, Parking Garage, Shelled Space, Surface Parking
  • Project Type: Commercial Office Buildings
  • Related Projects: Architecture, Commercial Office, Workplace