Alaska Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Assessment

Alaska Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Assessment
Alaska Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Assessment
Denali Partners, LLC.
Alaska, USA

In the race to advance the Alaska Gas Pipeline, having the right team in your corner makes all the difference.

That's why Denali Partners brought us on board to be their partner in evaluating whether Alaska's public infrastructure could handle the sizeable loads required for pipeline construction.

The gravel-covered Dalton Highway, which runs from Fairbanks to the North Slope, was a main focus of the evaluation. Its steep grades and remote territory were scrutinized for their ability to withstand massive trucks hauling materials and pipe. At the coast of Alaska, ports were evaluated for their ability to support pipeline construction loads from Alaska, Canada and Europe, and ease of transferring loads to rail and truck for transportation. With firsthand knowledge of the infrastructure capabilities, we brought our logistics experts into the mix to map out a pathway for pipeline and other materials from sites worldwide to Alaska.

All assessment findings were represented using a linear referencing system that contained the infrastructure evaluation outputs and descriptions. This information was linked to GIS to create a graphical representation of all transportation infrastructure elements.

With a clear picture of the infrastructure requirements, we equipped Denali with the tools to make smart decisions on navigating the fast-paced Alaskan oil and gas market.

  • Type of Construction: New Construction
  • Professional Services: Civil Engineering, Economic Evaluation of Infrastructure Investment, Economic Study, GIS, Owner's Engineer
  • Project Type: Natural Gas Pipelines, Oil and Gas
  • Related Projects: Oil & Gas, Pipelines