Alexandria Police Department Headquarters

Alexandria Public Safety Headquarters | Alexandria, VA, US
The Wheeler Avenue entrance establishes an inviting "front door" image for the Alexandria Public Safety Headquarters. The parking garage on the building's south side is used by staff and for city vehicles.
Alexandria Public Safety Headquarters | Alexandria, VA, US
Two masonry "blocks" flank the transparent atrium and accommodate office components and more specialized police functions.
Alexandria Public Safety Headquarters | Alexandria, VA, US
Passive daylighting strategies in the transparent, multi-story atrium allow natural light to filter into the inner core spaces of the facility. The tall interior volume of space is an integral component of the building’s operation.
Alexandria Public Safety Headquarters | Alexandria, VA, US
The Emergency Communications Center consists of 20 call-taking positions as well as personnel offices and support spaces. The ECC functions 24 hours.
Alexandria Public Safety Headquarters | Alexandria, VA, US
Four state-of-the-art laboratories comprise the second floor Crime Scene Investigation suite. Seamless epoxy flooring provides a durable surface.
City of Alexandria
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

The new headquarters consolidates the services of three existing facilities into one central location for approximately 500 law enforcement personnel. The four-story headquarters accommodates an advanced criminal investigations laboratory, secure property and evidence storage, dedicated community meeting area and a state-of-the-art emergency communications center shared by the city's police and fire departments. The spaces are arranged around a public atrium that provides natural daylight throughout the occupied floors and serves as the main entrance to the facility. The project is LEED Gold certified.

The project was completed in association with Dewberry.


  • 2014 Selected for publication - Justice Facilities Review, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Academy of Architecture for Justice
  • 2014 International Illumination Design Award of Merit - Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, District of Columbia section
  • 2012 Excellence in Design Awards, Government Category - Environmental Design + Construction Magazine
  • Sustainable Features: LEED Certified
  • Type of Construction: New Construction
  • Size: 124,000 SF
  • Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering, Sustainable Design Consulting
  • Project Components: Data/Communications Center, Evidence Triage Unit, Forensic Laboratory, Latent Prints Lab, Multipurpose Space, Office Space, Photography Studio, Security Operations, Trace Evidence Laboratory, Vehicle Examination Area, Visitor Lobby
  • Project Type: Administration Building, Enforcement, Forensics, Public Safety
  • Related Projects: Architecture, Civic
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