Bison Wind Energy Center

Environmental surveys, Bison Wind Energy Center
Environmental surveys support habitat preservation for the Bison Wind Energy Center.
Minnesota Power
Oliver and Morton Counties, North Dakota, USA

Minnesota Power's first wind energy center was commissioned in 2012. This was due in part to a successful permitting effort that balanced infrastructure needs with conservation strategies.

We conducted environmental surveys, permitting application development and stakeholder outreach with numerous state and federal agencies. Since the project would be in the migration corridor of the whooping crane, extensive coordination was made with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to prove habitat preservation strategies.

The Bison Wind Energy Center in Oliver and Morton counties in North Dakota includes three phases: Bison 1, Bison 2 and Bison 3. Minnesota Power is moving the wind energy from North Dakota to Minnesota over a 465-mile direct current transmission line that the company purchased in 2009.