Central Indiana Transportation Study

Central Indiana Transportation Study | Indianapolis, IN, US
Central Indiana Transportation Study, Central Indiana Transit Task Force | Indianapolis, IN, US
Central Indiana Transit Task Force
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The Central Indiana Transportation Task Force retained HDR to conduct a value-driven and stakeholder-engaged regional planning process based on benefit cost analysis and value-maximizing planning principles. The Task Force is composed of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and the Central Indiana Community Foundation, and includes representation from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, IndyGo Transit, the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority and the Indiana Department of Transportation. Planning and economics professionals from HDR formed an integrated team to develop more than 30 regional planning scenarios. Each scenario represented a different combination of specific highway, transit and demand management projects and policies, including alternative bus routings and rail alignments. Using a comprehensive benefit cost analysis framework, HDR estimated the lifecycle costs and benefits of more than a dozen scenarios in relation to safety, mobility, congestion management, economic development, environmental sustainability, livable community development, and regional macroeconomic effects on employment, output and income. Further, the analysis examined the regional and social distribution of benefits and costs and explored a wide range of financing options and their affordability. HDR facilitated a stakeholder engagement process to validate the alternatives, the technical assumptions and the economic and social values, and to rank the alternatives according to least-cost, cost-effectiveness and net value criteria.