EECBG Programs

EECBG Programs, Cedar Rapids Utilities Dept. | Cedar Rapids, IA, US
EECBG Programs, Cedar Rapids Utilities Dept. | Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Cedar Rapids Utilities Department
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

After suffering a devastating flood in June 2008, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, focused on rebuilding sustainable facilities. More than 40 public buildings and facilities suffered severe damage. With a goal to increase energy efficiency in facility and throughout the city as well as invest federal dollars wisely, Cedar Rapids asked HDR to help obtain funds under the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program to support energy efficient city structures. As part of this effort, HDR provided Cedar Rapids with a template and metrics to improve energy efficiency to assist the city in developing a sustainable building policy and helped the city understand how it could incorporate LEED® standards throughout its rehabilitation and new construction program.

One facility that required replacement was the incinerator at the city's water pollution control facility. HDR addressed the need to replace the damaged incinerator by helping city officials understand the benefits of biosolids incineration or a modern waste-to-energy facility. In a feasibility study for the city, HDR evaluated waste stream security, contract responsibility and the potential to garner public support for the project. The study addressed recycling/waste diversion policies, landfill economies of scale, and cost allocation and revenue sharing.