Engineering Assessments for POL Facilities

Tank Removal at Cannon AFB | New Mexico, US
Tank Removal at Cannon AFB | New Mexico, US
AFCEE, AFCESA, and National Guard
Multiple Locations Nationwide, USA

Military installations all over the world must have their fuel needs met safely and efficiently every day. In working with AFCEE and AFCESA, HDR is providing assessment services and engineering studies for Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) fuel facilities at dozens of Air Force and Air National Guard bases nationwide. The projects consist of site investigations and interviews with site personnel, clarification of current fuel facility asset deficiencies, identification of additional deficiencies and repairs for those specific facility assets, and analysis of the requirements to restore or modernize these facility assets to meet current standards.

As part of the engineering assessment, fuel systems were evaluated under full flow conditions for operational and compliance deficiencies and specific information was collected during the site assessment to provide design documents later for contractor's bid packages. The objective of the engineering study is to ultimately provide sufficient details that will be incorporated into a future restoration/modernization projects at the current project sites and beyond.

  • Professional Services: Permitting, Monitoring & Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Siting and Permitting
  • Project Type: Compliance, Environmental, Federal, Maintenance and Support Facilities
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