First National Bank Technology Center

Fuel cells.
First National Bank
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

The First National Technology Center is a state-of-the-art, operations and processing facility for the critical functions of a locally based bank. This facility is one of the first commercial buildings in the United States to use fuel cells to generate power and is the first in the country to use four parallel fuel cells to supply a critical computer load. Due to the critical nature of the operations, the building is "hardened" relative to the physical construction as well as redundant and self-sustaining power systems.

Fuel cells generate electricity in an electrochemical reaction by combining hydrogen from natural gas with oxygen to yield electricity, water, and very small amounts of air pollutants. They are clean, quiet, and efficient. Other environmental and financial benefits of fuel cells include: lower operational costs without compromising reliability or redundancy, as well as the use of clean energy.

The system has extraordinary reliability. Independent verification indicates 99.999997% availability. This calculates to a predicted downtime of less than 1 second per year—the first electrical infrastructure documented with this level of availability.

  • Sustainable Features: Fuel Cells
  • Type of Construction: New Construction
  • Size: 195,000 SF (18,120 m²)
  • Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Sustainable Design Consulting
  • Related Projects: Architecture, Mission Critical, Science & Technology