Global Hawk Maintenance Hangar

Global Hawk Maintenance Hangar, USACE | Beale AFB, CA, US
Global Hawk Maintenance Hangar, USACE | Beale AFB, CA, US
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Beale AFB, California, USA

Even among the U.S. Air Force arsenal, the Global Hawk unmanned aircraft is in a lofty position. The long-range aircraft can fly 12,000 nautical miles, reach speeds of 400 miles per hour and stay aloft for 35 hours. Flying 65,000 feet above the clouds, the Global Hawk is virtually untouchable, but on the ground it needs protection. We designed a dedicated hangar to accommodate two Global Hawk UAVs at Beale AFB. To address cost concerns and a small building footprint, we used value engineering to shave $3 million in costs while not sacrificing high technology.

The result was a two-bay hangar with 23,000-square-feet devoted to heavy maintenance, pre-flight operations and phase inspections. Between the hangars, constructed with cost-effective pre-engineered structural framing, is a 12,000-square-foot office building. This centralized design minimized utility runs and access control while claiming a total footprint of less than 45,000 square feet. Apron concrete was reused, airfield security lighting relocated and the design worked around underground utilities to avoid costly relocations. The structure was designed to accommodate easy modification and expansion. The long-span hangar is supported without interior columns and has a clear-span opening more than adequate for the Global Hawk's 116-foot wingspan.