Grand Prairie Sustainability Plan

Grand Prairie Sustainability Plan
Grand Prairie Sustainability Plan
U.S. Army Reserve
Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

The Grand Prairie Sustainability Plan provides the Army Reserve with a comprehensive Area Development Plan (ADP) and Sustainability Plan that optimizes the utilization of existing facilities for the 1,900 Army Reserve Soldiers and 18 organizations assigned to the Grand Prairie Reserve Complex. We completed the facility utilization study that optimizes the space usage for the Soldiers that drill at Grand Prairie, providing an updated facility layout to maximize efficiency.

The ADP and Sustainability Plan incorporate the results of the week-long charrette that included participation by neighboring property owners and development of an installation vision. The charrette also involved several major tenants—one with a larger full-time presence than the Reserve. The highly graphic ADP illustrates a full-capacity build-out of the Reserve Complex. The Sustainability Plan covers five sustainability components: user awareness, energy, water, greenhouse gas and waste.

Key to the Sustainability Plan was the proposed Implementation Plan as a road map on how the Army Reserve could meet their vision by planning and programming projects that progressively improved their Sustainability Program with a foundation on user awareness.

  • Sustainable Features: Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Measurement & Verification, Sustainability Review, Sustainability Studies, Sustainable Return on Investment
  • Professional Services: Charrette, Emissions Modeling, Environmental Measurements, Planning, Sustainable Design Consulting
  • Project Type: Energy Audits, Federal, Renewable Energy, Restoration
  • Related Projects: Federal, Federal Energy, Federal Planning & Asset Management