Highway 404 HOV Lanes

Highway 404 HOV Lanes | Ontario, CA
Highway 404 HOV Lanes | Ontario, CA
Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Ontario, Canada

We were retained by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to carry out a comprehensive and independent review of traffic and safety implications for proposed northbound HOV lanes on Highway 404. Our work included data collection and processing of traffic and travel time surveys; video recordings of field conditions for detailed model calibration; EMME/2 forecasting and modeling to develop origin-destination patterns for the study corridor; and assessment of traffic operations, weaving and queuing impacts between HOV and SOV on general purpose lanes.

The study aimed to balance the objectives of minimizing conflicts and queues, particularly north of the 404 interchange with Highway 401, and maximizing travel time savings and access. Using microsimulation and safety/human factors analyses we evaluated alternative HOV access and egress locations. Based on the study results, we recommended relocating the start of the proposed northbound HOV lane to avoid significant queuing deficiencies on highways 404 and 401.