Iowa Hill Pumped Storage Owner’s Engineer Services

Iowa Hill Pumped Storage Owner's Engineer Services | California, US
Iowa Hill Pumped Storage Owner's Engineer Services | California, US
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
California, USA

Pumped storage powers the grid reliability expected for today's plugged-in lifestyle.

And we're working together with McMillen Jacobs Associates as the Sacramento Municipal Utility District's owner's engineer to determine technical viability for one of the first new U.S. pumped storage facilities in 30 years.

The proposed 400 megawatt Iowa Hill Pumped Storage project is an off-stream hydroelectric facility with an underground power complex using three variable-speed generators. It's situated next to Slab Creek Reservoir, which will supply the water pumped up to a new 6,400 acre-foot capacity upper reservoir. When energy supply and demand fluctuates, the facility would respond by conveying water between the upper reservoir and Slab Creek Reservoir via a 1,000-foot-deep shaft through water tunnels. Electricity generated would connect into an existing transmission line to serve customers.

In tandem with McMillen Jacobs and partner AF Consult, we're working through preliminary design for electro-mechanical and civil structures, permitting and resource protection. To confirm site technical viability, the team's drilling a geotechnical exploratory drift from the surface to the proposed underground powerhouse site.

If the project moves forward, it'll increase grid reliability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting the need for fossil fueled energy.