Johnson Space Center Building 12


Building 12 was the first building constructed on the mall in 1962 and is the first to be renovated, setting a precedent that other renovations on campus will follow. Located on the historic central mall of the Johnson Space Center, the refurbishment of the two-story Building 12 updates the facility for the 21st century, both aesthetically and functionally. The facility houses three office suites for education, finance, and human resources groups along with a newly enlarged training and seminar center. The exterior renovations respect the existing context of mall, preserving paneling from the original construction and contrasting it with new envelope additions that are high-tech and sustainable. Through replacement of all outdated building systems with energy efficient equipment; a curtain wall system incorporating solar-shading; and interior design features that improve indoor air quality, the design achieved LEED Gold certification. 

A lightweight, shallow green roof system with over 67,000 plants contributes to Building 12's green design by helping to eliminate the heat-island effect, reduce storm water runoff and increase the building's energy efficiency. The roof utilizes only native grasses and groundcovers, which require little maintenance and irrigation. In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy plans to install four wind turbines on the roof to use in a case study for the efficiency of building-mounted wind turbines.