Manhattan Beach Health Hub Clinic

Public Square
Patient Care area
Patient room with "healthcare seat"
Provider Collaborative area
Kaiser Permanente
Manhattan Beach, California, USA

The Manhattan Beach Health Hub Clinic is the first in a new generation of "Health Hub" outpatient facilities developed by Kaiser Permanente, driven by their RAD (Reimagining Ambulatory Design) initiative which emphasizes patient-centered, collaborative care.

This is not your typical medical clinic. The project provides reimagined versions of 10 primary care exam rooms; two specialty exam rooms; and a physician/staff collaboration zone with seven physician offices, imaging, a pharmacy, and a community room. The facility was developed as a "Health Hub" for members and the community, serving as a local resource for healthy living, emphasizing innovative care with patient/doctor collaboration, educational opportunities, and healthy choices. The easily accessible, open, and vibrant clinic suite is divided into three zones of use: the Public Square, Patient Care (on-stage), and Provider Collaborative area (off-stage).

The Public Square serves as the express check-in location, and engages the community and its members by offering various educational opportunities about wellness and health-related issues. The vaulted space features great views to the outdoors, a calming green wall to bring nature indoors, and lacy light fixtures that accentuate the soft and nurturing care environment.

Once a member moves beyond the Public Square to the Patient Care area, they experience a similarly engaging environment. The area consists of a 12-exam room module organized radially around a center collaborative core. Here, doctors and medical staff are able to focus on the needs of the members, provide efficient care, and easily collaborate in a comfortable space. The private exam rooms with "healthcare seats," rather than exam tables, are fresh and modern and include cutting-edge technology features, such as teleconferencing capabilities for doctors, patients, and nursing staff.

Separate from patient spaces, the Provider Collaborative area offers a relaxed setting for healthcare professionals to disconnect from the on-stage environment. A variety of spaces provide flexibility, allowing providers to focus on heads-down work or collaborate with other doctors and specialists. Here, doctors have the technology to teleconference with other medical staff, creating access to vast amounts of information and in turn, giving them and their patients the power to make better health-related decisions.