NJM Corporate Office

New Jersey Manufacturer's Insurance
Hammonton, New Jersey, USA

The design of this insurance company's operations and banking facility incorporates architectural forms and elements that acknowledge the company's historic roots in industry as well as the rural, agricultural context of Hammonton, the "Blueberry Capital of the World." References to the past are integrated into modern forms, materials and technologies unquestionably born of the early 21st Century.

Rather than extruding from plan, as many office buildings are designed, the Hammonton facility synthesizes a distinctive kit of parts; each "part" having a unique operational function and scale. This "kit-of-parts" concept enhances security, safety and flexibility by segregating business and support functions; physically reduces the size and scale of the overall structure by treating it as an assemblage of smaller buildings; and allows for future expansion. The parts are organized along a clearly defined "Main Street" corridor:  a circulation spine on all floor levels that connects the building's parts, including a three-story glass atrium that serves as the central "Town Square" of the facility.

Sustainable strategies create a highly functional and straightforward work of architecture that captures the integrity and stewardship-minded character of the company, and expresses its intentions of establishing a long-term commitment to its community and region.

  • Sustainable Features: Daylighting & Views, Energy Efficiency, Measurement & Verification, Natural Resource Restoration, Stormwater Management, Water Efficient Landscaping, Water Reuse
  • Type of Construction: New Construction
  • Size: 140,000 SF (13,010 m²)
  • Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering, Planning
  • Related Projects: Architecture, Corporate, Workplace