Notre Dame Power Plant Boiler Improvements

Notre Dame Power Plant Boiler Improvements, U of Notre Dame | Indiana, US
Notre Dame Power Plant Boiler Improvements, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, US
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

Until the 1950s, the University of Notre Dame heated its campus facilities with steam produced by its own steam plant. By mid-century, the demand for electricity began to climb and Notre Dame became the first university in the United States to generate its own electricity. Today, the Notre Dame Utility Department takes pride in the efficient and environmentally responsible operation of its power plant. To ensure compliance with federal air quality regulations, the University asked us to implement a series of air quality control improvements for five boiler units.

We provided engineering support for procurement, design and construction, including installation of baghouse pollution control equipment capable of filtering fine particulates. Boiler improvements made to two 70,000 pound per hour stokers and a 170,000 pound per hour industrial cyclone boiler included replacement and addition of economizers, pulse jet fabric filters with injection systems, replacement or addition of ID fans, upgrade of the ash handling system and installation of a new ash silo. We integrated boiler controls into a single distributed control system (DCS) that creates a platform to integrate future system improvements, including chillers and generators, while upgrading instrumentation and drum level monitoring systems.

  • Professional Services: Commissioning, Energy Management & Conservation, Engineering & Design, Procurement, Upgrades, Retrofits and Modifications
  • Project Components: Air Quality Control Systems, Ash Handling Systems, Instrumentation & Controls
  • Project Type: Central Energy Plants, Energy, Power Generation
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