Quarry Creek Master Plan Environmental Impact Report

Quarry Creek Master Plan Environmental Impact Report | Carlsbad, CA, US
Quarry Creek Master Plan Environmental Impact Report | Carlsbad, CA, US
The Corky McMillin Companies
Carlsbad, California, USA

The Corky McMillin Companies is proposing construction of 656 residential units, a 2.5-acre nature/education center, a 1.5-acre community facilities site, a 1.3-acre park and ride site, 72 acres of natural open space, and supporting infrastructure on a 160-acre site in Carlsbad. The project is located in an environmentally-sensitive area and proposes high residential densities (up to 20 dwelling units per acre). Sensitive resources include wetlands and protected species, cultural resources and a historic adobe that is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The site encompasses "El Salto Falls," a formally-designated Native American Sacred Site.

HDR managed preparation of an Environmental Impact Report in conformance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and City of Carlsbad's Guidelines for implementation of CEQA. The existing General Plan land use designations of the project site are being changed to implement the policies adopted as part of the December 23, 2009, updated City of Carlsbad 2005-2010 General Plan Housing Element. Implementation of the proposed densities would satisfy the City's Regional Housing Needs Assessment requirements for low and moderate affordable housing, per state guidelines. HDR prepared the environmental documentation for the project on a fast-track schedule, completing the entire environmental review process in less than one year, in order to ensure that the City could meet its court-ordered deadline for compliance with the provisions of the adopted Housing Element.