Railroad and Roadway Inspections

USACE, Omaha District, Railroad and Roadway Inspections | Worldwide
USACE, Omaha District, Railroad and Roadway Inspections | Worldwide
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District

As part of a larger contract to inspect rail and roadways at worldwide locations, we evaluated 100 miles of railroad track and 300 switches at the Marine Ocean Terminal in Sunny Point, North Carolina. Originally designed to accommodate smaller and lighter rail cars more than 50 years ago, we performed an analysis to evaluate the current status and capabilities of these tracks. The work included an operational analysis of the railroad system, evaluation and redesign of holding yard tracks, design of new track alignments and profiles to improve geometrics, estimating repair quantities, detailed rehabilitation and construction cost estimating, designing container trans-loading facilities and contract drawings and specifications.

We also inspected an 18 mile off-post access track and a more than 4,000-foot-long land bridge that spanned a problematic sinkhole subsidence area. We prepared evaluation reports based on Department of Defense track design and safety standards. Our team performed a similar analysis at the Concord, California Military Ocean Terminal that focused on 40 miles of track, 270 turnouts, 11 railroad crossings and 49 road crossings. Track data was collected manually and electronically using a GPS unit, GIS-based software, to identify and accurately track features and deficiencies.