Rio Salado Oeste

Rio Salado Oeste, USACE | Phoenix, AZ, US
Rio Salado Oeste, USACE | Phoenix, AZ, US
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Salt River flows from east to west through southern Phoenix and traditionally provided a major source of irrigation and drinking water for the city and its surrounding communities. Over many years, urban development and agricultural stresses have transformed the river into a low flow channel. The Salt River has been impounded, de-watered, channelized and re-watered with urban effluent and storm drain discharge. In response, the area has experienced a major reduction in species diversity and abundance. To restore native habitat and the natural flow of the Salt River, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is coordinating a multi-section restoration project.

We are a part of a joint venture to help restore an eight-mile section of the Salt River known as the Rio Salado Oeste project. The work includes development of design documents to restore the river channel and improve native habitat on 1,466 acres, modification of stormwater outfalls, wetlands revegetation and maintenance road improvements. The project also includes design features that will transform a now unsightly area into a public space with walking pathways, overlooks and information kiosks.