Spaceport Colorado

Rendering of Spaceport Colorado, looking west toward Denver | Watkins, CO, US
Spaceport Colorado Design Concept by HDR in Association with LVa
Rendering of Spaceport Colorado, looking east | Watkins, CO, US
Spaceport Colorado Design Concept by HDR in Association with LVa
Front Range Airport Authority
Watkins, Colorado, USA

We are helping pave the way to future space travel in Colorado and beyond. Our feasibility studies for the new Spaceport Colorado will assist the Front Range Airport obtain its FAA-approved spaceport license and help define what a 21st-century commercial spaceport travel and technology center should be. They will determine the logistics needed to operate a commercial spaceport, such as requirements for sub-orbital space vehicles, propellant storage, launch and landing, and other operational details.

An important part of our work included facilitating discussions—and ultimately a signed memorandum—between the State of Colorado, the Spaceport and Swiss Space Systems (S3), an aerospace company that designs and engineers suborbital launch systems, to formalize a collaborative relationship to advance the spaceport's long-term development and licensing plans. By designating Colorado as a location for S3's transformative expansion within the United States, the state is positioned to remain a global aerospace competitor and retain the roughly $8.7 billion the aerospace industry contributes to the state's economy.

A group of subject matter experts collaborated on the Spaceport project, including HDR's team of consultants: Allan Lockheed & Associates, Cardno TEC, Economic Strategies LLC, Luis Vidal + Architects (LVa), Mojave Air & Space Port, and Silverwing Enterprises. The design concept is by HDR in association with LVa.