Third-Party EIS for Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion

Third-Party EIS for Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion, FGT Co. | Alabama & Florida,
Third-Party EIS for Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion, FGT Co. | Alabama & Florida, US
Florida Gas Transmission
Alabama & Florida, USA

A smooth regulatory process kept progress on track for hundreds of miles of pipeline.

Florida Gas Transmission embarked on a 483-mile natural gas pipeline expansion project to increase capacity and reliability, and support conversion to natural gas at three power plants across the state. The expansion was designed to supplement the existing 5,000+-mile FGT pipeline network, which moves natural gas from the Texas coast, across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and throughout Florida. As an interstate pipeline system, the project required regulatory approval from numerous federal, state and local agencies, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which was the lead federal agency for review of the project to oversee NEPA compliance.

Working for the FERC, our natural gas pipeline regulatory experts supported the completion of a third-party environmental impact statement. We prepared FERC notices, arranged public scoping meetings, tracked public comments and maintained the environmental mailing list. In accordance with the FERC pre-filing process, we reviewed draft resource reports and other project filings, facilitated bi-weekly meetings between the FERC and FGT staff, and directed creation of draft EIS sections by collaborating with a team of resource specialists.

Putting years of experience navigating the FERC requirements to work, along with local presence, expertise and relationships, we helped FGT effectively design the pipeline project so they could expand service for Florida's natural gas customers. 

  • Size: 483 miles of new natural gas pipeline and new compression upgrades which complement the existing 5,000-mile-long pipeline network
  • Professional Services: FERC Documentation, Natural Resources Analysis, Public Involvement & Stakeholder Outreach, Regulatory Compliance
  • Project Components: Environmental Impact Statement
  • Project Type: Energy, Natural Gas Pipelines, Oil and Gas
  • Related Projects: Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Power