Transit and Highway Investment Decision Support Tool — TransDEC

TransDec | Nationwide, CA
TransDec | Nationwide, CA
Transport Canada
Nationwide, Canada

Developed for Transport Canada, TransDEC provides a comprehensive framework for applying cost benefit analysis to a wide range of prospective transit investments (both green-field and expansion projects) as well as rehabilitation and maintenance work. The framework is applicable to various transit modes, including stage bus systems, bus rapid transit, light rail, heavy rail, commuter rail and highway investments. Projects seeking federal funding under the Canadian Strategic Infrastructure Fund were required to use the TransDEC tool to demonstrate economic value (the program is now called the Building Canada Program).

TransDEC was provided as a user-friendly computer analysis tool. The tool permits cost benefit analysis to be performed with either default values or locally generated data. It is scaled to apply over the range of differently sized urban areas and over the range of variously sized projects. TransDEC is available with default values and measurement units for both Canada and the United States compiled from numerous data sources. The Canadian version is available in English and in French.