Turkey Point Water Source Evaluations for Nuclear Cooling and Process Water

Turkey Point, Alternative Water Source Evaluations for Cooling and Process Water
Our clients are at the forefront of using recycled water to support power generation.
Florida Power & Light
Miami, Florida, USA

Preserving natural habitats and finding reliable water for nuclear power generation go hand-in-hand for Florida Power & Light.

It makes sense when you're powering Turkey Point, situated near the Everglades, national and state parks, and a marine sanctuary.

Faced with the need to meet growing energy demand, Florida Power & Light turned to nuclear power for its clean, reliable characteristics. To get the ball rolling, they came to us to evaluate 16 water sources to support two new nuclear power generation units, plus associated technologies. In search of the best water alternative to cool and process 130 million gallons daily with minimal environmental impact, we began an analysis of baseline water sources, and followed it with alternative water source screening and characterizations.

The initial 16 sources were whittled down to four: recycled water, groundwater, surface marine water from a canal and a Clean Water Act §316(b) compliant surface marine water sub-stratum intake system. And now, the final four water sources are undergoing in-depth analysis to identify the best option.

When the new nuclear units start generating power, Florida Light & Power's customers will reap the benefits of clean, reliable power in their picturesque community.

  • Professional Services: Alternative Water Source Evaluations, Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Project Components: Environmental Impact Statement
  • Project Type: Energy, Power Generation, Water, Water Quality
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