Ursuline Campus Roadway Network

Ursuline Campus Roadway Network | Louisville, KY, US
Ursuline Campus Roadway Network | Louisville, KY, US
Ursuline Sisters of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

The 43-acre Ursuline campus in Louisville, Ky., is home to a girls' high school, grade school, Montessori school, housing for the Ursuline nuns, and associated administrative and service buildings. HDR led the development of a master plan for improvements to the roadway network within the Ursuline campus.

The campus is in a densely developed residential area in eastern Louisville. In addition to constant needs for additional parking, the location created traffic conflicts between the campus and adjacent neighborhoods. During morning and afternoon pick-up and drop-off, traffic backed up onto the major arterial roadway in front of the school (US60) as well as into neighborhoods from side entrances to the school. Student parking availability and parking during special events often backed up into the neighborhood, taking valuable on-street parking spaces used by the homeowners.

HDR developed a master plan to alleviate the traffic issue by creating a spine roadway that linked the various schools and provided opportunities for queuing on campus and out of the neighborhoods. In addition, new roadway connections provided opportunities for pull-in, back-out parking along the roadway, increasing on-campus parking.

We organized a public meeting to discuss the changes and worked with neighbors to request that Louisville Metro Public Works eliminate a requirement to widen an adjacent street/alley that would negatively impact abutting property owners. HDR's efforts led to the approval of construction of a new on-campus gymnasium that was supported by the public as well as construction of the spine roadway that has eliminated off-site parking and traffic headaches.