Wake County Detention Center, Phase 2 Expansion

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

The new facility combines improved efficiency and safety while planning for future expansion and minimizing environmental impact. The addition consolidates detention services that were located in three separate facilities; including booking, open intake, City/County Bureau of Identification, medical clinic and infirmary, academic services, food service, laundry, and warehouse. The new booking and open intake program includes identification, magistrates, inmate property storage, and transfer. The multi-use facility incorporates the role of identification in booking and open intake as well as administration space and forensic labs, creating an efficient and safe criminal justice facility that is innovative, responsible, and forward-thinking. This project was selected for inclusion in the AIA Justice Facilities Review 2009 and 2013 and was awarded LEED Silver in 2013.

The Wake County Detention Center expansion was completed in association with Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.

  • Sustainable Features: LEED Certified
  • Type of Construction: Addition
  • Size: 415,000 SF (38,560 m²)
  • Professional Services: Architecture, Engineering, Programming, Sustainable Design Consulting
  • Project Components: Classroom/Training, Commissary, Correctional Medical, Courtroom, Education/Training Area, Food Preparation/Kitchen, Forensic Laboratory, Infirmary, Inmate Dining, Inmate Housing, Laundry, Mechanical Rooms, New Intake and Release Area, Office Space, Security Operations, Staff Dining, Support Spaces, Video Arraignment, Video Visitation, Visitation Area, Visitor Lobby, Visitor Processing, Warehouse Space
  • Project Type: Detention, Enforcement, Forensics
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