2016 Conferences - The Potential of Prototypes at ABSA

open concept labs and the potential of prototypes

New Approach For Designing Public and Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratories

October 4, 4:40 – 5:00 CDT
ABSA International 59th Annual Biological Safety Conference - Grapevine, Texas

William Arndt, PhD, Sandia National Laboratories

The prototype laboratory concept was developed to simplify the laboratory design process, and should be considered for use as a new laboratory design methodology. Many developing countries lack adequate public and animal health laboratories and typically do not have the economic means and the design and construction expertise to build a laboratory on their own. These countries rely on international sponsors to provide the funds necessary to design and construct a laboratory. However, these international sponsors are often located far away, making travel back and forth difficult, which leads to an increase in overall costs and delays for the project.

The prototype laboratory concept and design methodology were developed to streamline the design process, saving time and money, while also minimizing the number of errors that typically arise using a traditional design process by providing well considered design decisions in advance of the project. While the concept could be expanded to cover other types of laboratories to date, it has primarily focused on supporting the implementation of good laboratory design best practices for infectious disease diagnostic and research laboratories for both the human and animal health sectors. Find out more here.

HDR has partnered with Sandia National Laboratories to produce the prototypes. If you have additional questions, connect with Warren Hendrickson on LinkedIn.