Why HDR Design-Build

  • HDR Architecture. HDR is one of the nation's leading architecture firm and has topped Modern Healthcare magazine's list of healthcare design firms for ten years running. Only HDR Architecture offers this much design expertise as a part of a fully-integrated single-firm design and construction package
  • HDR Consulting. HDR's consulting group offers a suite of services that allows HDR provide uniquely comprehensive consult-design-build service to our clients.
  • Single Firm. We are not a joint venture. We are not a design firm working as a sub to a contractor. We are not a team coming together for the first time on your project. We are a fully-integrated, single-firm design-build firm. 
  • Designer-led Design-Build. HDR champions the concept of designer-led design-build. By introducing the idea that designers play a role in leading the project, we elevate the importance of planning and design. Designer-led design-build is a crucial step forward in the evolution of design-build project delivery: with better design, more cost-effective facilities, shorter schedules, and reduced risk.