Acoustics, Noise & Vibration

Marine Species Monitoring, Naval Facilities Eng. Command (NAVFAC)-Atlantic
Marine Species Monitoring, NAVFAC-Atlantic | Worldwide
Point Thomson Third-Party EIS, ExxonMobil | North Slope, AK, US
Point Thomson Third-Party EIS | Alaska, US

Humans generate sound whether they are active on land, in the air or at sea. The effects of these sounds on humans and animals varies from subtle behavioral responses to physiological damage. We advise industry, federal agencies and policy makers on noise-related issues.

We incorporate our global network of experts to meet unique project challenges and to support clients from project conception to completion. 

Whether we are helping with a rocket ship noise model, calculating underwater noise level effects on marine animals, performing vibration analysis or designing and implementing an extensive study of the artic soundscape, we are able to assist our clients with their needs. 

Services include:

  • Air & Range Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ/RAICUZ) Studies
  • Airport Ground Noise Control
  • Architectural Studies
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) and Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Impulsive or Low Frequency Noise
  • Industrial Noise Sources (oil & gas, mining, and water-related projects)
  • FAA Part 150 Studies
  • Large & Small Arms Acoustical Analysis
  • Noise Monitoring & Modeling (stationary and mobile noise sources)
  • Occupational Noise, Worker Exposure & Noise Reduction strategies
  • Recreational Noise
  • Rocket Launch & Commercial Space Flight Noise 
  • Supersonic/Subsonic Noise
  • Training Seminars & Guidelines
  • Transportation Noise Sources (maritime, highway, transit, passenger, freight & high-speed rail)
  • Underwater Acoustic Monitoring