Imagery/Geospatial Technologies/GIS

Enterprise Electronic Master Planning, Sustainable Installation Plans | US
Enterprise Electronic Master Planning, Sustainable Installation Plans | US
As owner's engineer, HDR authored new substation standards.
MWEC Bakken Area Program Management | North Dakota, US
Saufley Field, FL
Real Estate Mapping & Cadastral Modernization Initiative, Ph. I | US Navy

Not only do our skilled professionals utilize GIS as a mechanism to store and manage data, they also use it as an analytical tool to help you answer site/project specific questions. When implemented fully, we can provide you with a complete spatial reporting tool that you can continue to use and maintain. Our skilled professionals successfully collaborate with scientists and clients to develop meaningful work products. We have extensive proficiency in a variety of advanced statistical analyses and modeling techniques; and utilize flexible designs to accommodate our clients' future needs and evolving requirements.

Services include:

  • Aerial Photography & Satellite Imagery Interpretation 
  • Application Development 
  • ArcGIS Analyses
  • ArcGIS Server Setup, Management & Maintenance 
  • Cartographic Products 
  • Creation of Vegetation and Land-Use Classification Systems
  • Data Generation & Conversion
  • GPS Data Collection (sub-centimeter accuracy available)
  • On-Site & Remote Training & Technical Support 
  • Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment (SDSFIE) Compliant Datasets
  • 3-D Renderings, Analysis & Site Development/Management