Public Involvement & Communications

Wyodak to Windstar 230 kilovolt (kV) Transmission Line | Campell County, WY, US
Wyodak to Windstar 230 kV Transmission Line | Campell Cty, WY, US
Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge | Pinellas County, FL, US
Belleair Beach Causeway Bridge | Pinellas County, FL, US
Houston-Galveston Regional Transit Framework Study | Houston-Galveston, TX, US
Houston-Galveston Regional Transit Framework Study | Texas, US

Our public involvement and communication experts ensure the public understands the project's need and purpose. A balanced public conversation helps ensure that all points of view are heard and input is reflected in project outcomes. Additionally, project sponsors and elected officials can have confidence that their decisions are supported by the community at large.

We work in joint staff arrangements with our clients to offer efficiencies, collaboration and the power of creative ideas and innovations. We also maintain relationships with many boutique communications firms and often partner with them to leverage local relationships when needed.

Our professionals help clients proactively manage project communications before a conflict arises. We work with you to develop and implement comprehensive communication strategies that employ a variety of techniques so you can inform, educate and rally public support.

Services include: 

  • Crisis Communications
  • Construction Outreach
  • Data Management
  • Digital & Print Media
  • Education & Training
  • Event Planning
  • Programmatic Policy Development
  • Public Meeting Facilitation
  • Strategic Communications
  • Translation Services